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Teoriappar Sverige AB - General terms and conditions

Privacy Policy

These terms and conditions constitute the terms and conditions for using any of our services and / or apps. By creating an account and / or using our services or apps, you agree and agree to these terms and conditions.


This agreement is valid between the user and Teoriappar Sverige AB. The user certifies that all information that he / she declares about himself is correct. Teoriappar Sverige AB leaves 14-day right of withdrawal on all purchases according to current law, but this assumes that the use of the service has not begun and that no login has been made.

Changes in Terms

Teoriappar Sverige AB may change the terms of this agreement. The user is responsible for reviewing the terms on a regular basis. If the user continues to use the service after the date of entry into force, it means that he / she has approved the changes.

Terms & Conditions

Payments are communicated by Stripe via, Swish at and SEBse, as well as Apple and Google.

Use of the service

In order to use certain parts of Teoriappar Sverige AB's service, a username and password are required. Login information is distributed by Teoriappar Sverige AB after a successful registration process. The user is responsible for keeping the login information for himself. If there is a suspicion that the user is not the only person who uses the personal user account to which it has been assigned or if any other breach of the user agreement occurs, Teoriappar Sverige AB has the right to close the account with immediate effect until a full investigation has been made. If the investigation shows that the user has abused his personal user account, Teoriappar Sverige AB has the right to permanently turn off the user from the service and is not required to refund any user fee. If the abuse is serious, the user may be obliged to replace Teoriappar Sverige AB for the loss he or she has caused. The user's use of support and coaching may be restricted in case of abuse. The user has full personal responsibility for all activities performed through his / her account. The user is prohibited from attempting to gain access to services, accounts, etc., for which he / she is not authorized. Violations of these regulations may result in police and prosecution.


Teoriappar Sverige AB accepts no responsibility for completing the proficiency test for B. MC or AM at the Swedish Transport Administration. Teoriappar Sverige AB accepts no liability for the information in the app being updated, complete or correct. However, we always strive for everything to be updated and correct.

Private Use

Teoriappar Sverige AB's service is intended for the user's private use. The User undertakes not to use the Service for commercial use, in any illegal manner or in any way which may damage Teoriappar Sverige AB. The user may not use the Service in such a way as to disable, overload or weaken any of the Sites or other apps of Teoriappar Sverige AB. He or she may not use the service to interfere with anyone else's use of the same. Materials provided to the user from Teoriappar Sverige AB may not be copied, printed, forwarded, printed, displayed, downloaded, published, sold or otherwise distributed or reproduced without the written permission of Teoriappar Sverige AB.


The user acknowledges that Teoriappar Sverige AB sends mail about features of the service, offers and news (eg reminders, questions, new services and discount offers) until he / she informs Teoriappar Sverige AB in writing that he / she does not want to Receive more mail.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

The user agrees and agrees that the user's use of Teoriappar Sverige AB's services is at your own risk. The service is provided in "existing condition" and to the extent that it is available. Teoriappar Sverige AB disclaims any express or implied warranties that have not been mentioned in this User Agreement. Teoriappar Sverige AB has no responsibility for the information that can be found on the website or apps. Teoriappar Sverige AB does not guarantee that the service meets the user's expectations, is free of interruption, safe or error free. Nor is it guaranteed that all material is reliable and current or that it has been checked. Any download of files, directly or indirectly, takes the user at your own risk. Teoriappar Sverige AB has no responsibility for the information that can be found on the website or the apps. Teoriappar Sverige AB is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage, loss of income or data or other economic loss caused by use or inability to use the service.

Force majeure

In the event of war, natural disaster, labor market disputes, government decisions and comparable events beyond our control which could not reasonably be foreseen, affecting entered into agreements and our commitment, which means that we can not hold that agreement / commitment, shall constitute grounds for that we are freed from our obligations to fulfill the said agreement.

Privacy Policy

Teoriappar Sverige AB aims to protect the user's personal data.

Protection of personal data

Your personal information refers to the information that can be used to identify you as an individual. The processing of personal data is governed by (according to) the General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR.
We at Teoriappar Sverige AB follow the law on GDPR by: Keep your personal information up to date (we store your email address and your name. We also store your facebook ID and profile profile if you choose to sign in with Facebook), do not retain more personal information about you than necessary, protect your personal data from loss, unauthorized access and abuse. Your data is handled and protected by advanced technology.

Your rights

You are entitled to know how your information is processed by Teoriappar Sverige AB and to get an extract about what information of you we treat. You also have the right to have incorrect information corrected or deleted in some cases. You can reach us at and we will answer your questions as soon as possible. The privacy policy may be updated on a regular basis. If you want to read more about the new regulation, you can do it at

Use of Cookie files

Teoriappar Sverige AB has the right to place and have access to cookies on the user's computer. These are only for improving user friendliness and for collecting statistical information for Teoriappar Sverige AB.

Web beacons

Teoriappar Sverige AB has the right to use web beacons, but only for the purpose of obtaining statistical information about the use of a particular service.

Violation of the terms

Teoriappar Sverige AB has the right to terminate or freeze your membership immediately and without notice to you if you violate any terms of the Terms or if Teoriappar Sverige AB, on reasonable grounds, assumes that this is the case. You are obliged to replace Teoriappar Sverige AB for all direct and indirect damage as incurred by Teoriappar Sverige AB in case of breach of the Terms.

Lawsuits and dispute

This User Agreement applies Swedish law. Any dispute or dispute in connection with the use of the service shall be ruled exclusively by the Swedish court. If the user uses the service from a country other than Sweden, it is under the sole responsibility of the user that the service is in accordance with that country's law.

Contact details

You can contact us at Last updated 2018-08-01.